500 flu shots available next week — maybe

Savanah Campbell

While the timing of flu season flu season is unpredictable, it can begin as early as October and continue as late as May. To help combat flu and missed class days, students can get a free fu shot.

Tiffany Kosse, medical office manager at the health center, said, “I ordered 500 flu shots and they could arrive as early as this coming Monday.”

Once the flu shots arrive on campus Kosse said the health center will inform faculty, staff, and students immediately through  email, social media and online media.

Orisia Browne, finance senior, said, “I have not had a flu shot through MSU, I have only had one flu shot ever before, I still got the flu so I just don’t get vaccinated anymore.”

Browne has not had the flu this year however, she said she will be getting the flu shot. And she added that will scare people into getting the flu shot.

Although there is yet no vaccine for Ebola, Lesli Martinez, pre-phycology sophomore, said, “my home town is in Dallas so I feel like I need to get the flu shot this year due to the Ebola being so close to me when I go home.”

Martinez said she usually gets her flu shot every year but she feels that more people will be getting the vaccine this year due to concerns about Ebola, also a virus that, initially displays similar symptoms: fever, aching muscles and abdominal pain.

Kosse said, “students come to the health center not knowing if they have a fever so students should invest in a thermometer so they do not spread any illness.”

Last year there were still flu shots remaining into February Kosse said, there is only enough serum, 500 flu shots, and there are 5,874 students available for the free vaccine.

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