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Compare and contrast Ebola and the flu

Felicia Svanehed

October 23, 2014

Read More: More than 120 attend community meeting on Ebola Read More: Ebola: Just wash your hands Deaths EBOLA: One person died in United States FLU: 3,000 to 49,000 according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention "I believe the people are overreacting to the recent outbreak o...

Ebola: Just wash your hands

Robert McBroom, infectious disease specialist, talks about what Ebola is and where it comes from at the Ebola Forum in Dillard 101 Tuesday. Photo by Lauren Roberts

David Joseph

October 21, 2014

Days after the first outbreak of the Ebola virus in the United States, Scott Hoyer, chief medical officer at United Regional Hospital, and Keith Williamson, medical director at Vinson Health Center, said students and residents of Wichita Falls are at a low risk of getting the Ebola Virus Disease. ...

More than 120 attend community meeting on Ebola

MWSU Medical Director Keith Williamson talks at the town hall meeting on Ebola Oct. 21. Photo by Bradley Wilson

The Wichitan

October 21, 2014

About 120 people attended a community meeting on Ebola Oct. 21 in Dillard 101 with a room full to overflowing and more than 20 others watching a video broadcast of it in a nearby room. Keith Williamson, MWSU medical director said, "This particular outbreak is scaring the beaus out of us." However...

Ebola panic unnecessary in United States

Adaobi Ezeodum

Adaobi Ezeodum

October 17, 2014

Mom called last night. She said, “Adaobi, there’s Ebola in Dallas, be careful, oh.” I just chuckled and said, “OK, mum, I will.” She heard the news about a Liberian man who visited Dallas, was sick, and left the hospital undetected, and by the time they found out that he had Ebola, it was...

500 flu shots available next week — maybe

Savanah Campbell

October 15, 2014

While the timing of flu season flu season is unpredictable, it can begin as early as October and continue as late as May. To help combat flu and missed class days, students can get a free fu shot. Tiffany Kosse, medical office manager at the health center, said, “I ordered 500 flu shots and they...

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