Nearly 200 give input on presidential search

Harley Warrick

With University President Jesse Rogers retiring in May of 2015, students, faculty, staff, and members of the community met with representatives of the search firm to discuss the process for finding his new replacement.

In a series of four town hall meetings, nearly 180 people told Academic Search, the company hired to conduct the search, what they would like the new president to have.

“From the students, we’re certainly hearing the desire for someone who is going to be very visible, care about their interest, be active on campus,” President of Academic Search Jessica Kozloff says.

Faculty members said they are looking for some one who has an academic background who remembers what it is like in the classroom. They also want a president that can raise money and talk to the Texas Legislature.

The student voice for the Board of Regents, criminal justice junior Jesse Brown, has been involved by opening himself up for emails and calls from students to relay the message. “For this I’m going to help the search consultants relate to the students and vice versa,” Brown says

The search committee members will meet later in the week and will post updates on the school website. The search will be completed by next spring.

VIEW VIDEO of interview with Debbie Barrow regarding the search.