Students experience African culture

miguel jaime

Saakumu Dance from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Students were able to sing and dance in Comanche with the three-time award winning Saakuma dance troupe. The dance group originates from Ghana and travels throughout the United States to share their lifestyles with others.

“Were here as part of the Black History Month as you know to celebrate African history and black history through music and dance,” Saakumu dance Troupe leader, Bernard Woma said.

The dance group has been together for 18 years and travels all across America educating people on different cultures.

“I saw the need of putting up a traditional indigenous music together so that people from different ethnic groups can come together and create a dance group, so we can promote different traditions of Ghana,” Woma said.

Almost all of the group’s work resides in the educational system, allowing students to learn about the different cultures in Ghana.

“I wanted to see what it would be like to have this kind of culture in America exactly, because its Ghana and I’m from Nigeria so its different, I haven’t seen it before so its new to me,” Demi Fasanya, senior in computer science, said.

Each dance expresses a story relating to the ancestors of African culture. Group members said they hope to bring people together and make them aware of their historical music and traditional dancing.

“So with music and dance it opens the door for people to meet and when we need to perform we leave out all our barriers that who is this and who is that, we talk to each other and we relate to each other at that level and that is the most powerful thing that music can bring to people,” Woma said.