Model UN Win Big


Model UN delegates from MSU stand proudly with their sign for El Salvador – the country the represented at the 54th Annual Model UN Conference. (Photo Courtesy of Amy Brister)

Jasmine Jones

Political Science students from Midwestern were able to see firsthand what it would be like to work for the United Nations as they played the role of El Salvador at the 54th annual Midwest Model UN Conference.

This was MSU’s first time competing in the event which they hope to attend in future years. The nine students selected to attend were the only ones from Texas and they used that to their advantage as they won the award for “Outstanding Delegation.”

The conference represented a simulated version of a United Nations meeting where various world leaders meet to discuss and solve worldly issues including war, the economy and trafficking.

Head delegate Amy Brister said the experience gave her not only an unforgettable weekend with her peers, but also the confidence and strength to lead others.

“It made me realize I can lead a group of people – I can make sure every opinion and voice is heard and because of that it makes it easier for people to negotiate.”

Another conference attendee, sophomore Madi Parker spoke highly of the days spent in St. Louis.

“This experience shows me how to be able to work in a group setting and stand up for yourself and get your voice heard and definitely not back down and to be able to fight through anything.”

Assistant Professor of Political Science, Linda Veazey said she also partook in the event when she was an undergrad, and it was an excellent way for students to put their politics into action.