Campus NAACP promotes voter awareness

Jasmine Jones

Campus NAACP Promote Voter Awareness from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Campus NAACP chapter President Olivia Whitley

In recognition of early voting, which ends Friday, some organizations on campus are informing students know how to let their voices be heard.

Campus NAACP chapter President Olivia Whitley is busy raising awareness for voting. To date, Whitley has hosted a screening of “The Butler” and participated in a sit-in. This week, Whitely is holding a voter registration drive.

Taking into account the general apathy of college students, Whitley said students should consider electing someone that will work for them.

About choosing a candidate, Whitley said, “Whoever we bring into be the next governor next year is going to be responsible for changes in the educational system which trickles down to affect our tuition rates, how much money we get from the state, how much financial aid everyone can receive and Pell Grants. Pretty much everything that’s important to college students is also important to the governor.”

Historically, both women and African-Americans have been blocked from voting. (15th Amendment and 19th Amendment)

Sophomore Alexis Gay says this is part of the reason she remains adamant about voting.

“I do think it’s important to vote because of how hard the voting rights were fought for and how much pain and suffering people had to go through to get these rights.”

Eligible students can vote at Sikes Senter mall and the Home Depot.