The voice of the MSU Mustangs

Edward Grisham

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The voice of the MSU Mustangs from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Carl Nichols has been the voice of the Mustangs for over 27 years and has been involved here even longer.

“I have been the PA announcer for basketball for about 27 or 28 years. I started football the second year football came back on campus which would have been 1989.” Nichols said.

After graduating from MSU in 1965, Nichols began teaching in St. Louis before he and his wife returned to Wichita Falls.

“In 1979, we came back into town and that is when my wife and I both became very actively involved in volunteer work out here, primary through the Kiowa cooks. I have been doing that for about 35 years.” Nichols said.

He also made an impact on student athletes at the beginning of his career here at MSU.

“When I initially started that’s what I did, I worked with the academic side of providing tutorial services to our student athletes.” Nichols said.

Nichols has seen many great moments during his long term involvement here at MSU.

“For the most part all of Midwestern’s programs during the time that I have been associated with the university have been pretty successful programs,” Nichols said. “We have some really good years and then we have some year that aren’t bad years but aren’t quite as good as the previous year. But for the most part it has been a fairly successful run.”

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