MSU celebrates homecoming with bonfire

Edward Grisham

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MSU bonfire celebration from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo.

Homecoming week wouldn’t be complete without a bonfire. Thursday night, students gathered to celebrate homecoming and were not disappointed. This celebration included performances by the winners of the lip sync competition as well as a pep rally for the upcoming homecoming game in which players encouraged students to come out and show their support.

With the shirts representing other schools added to the stack of pallets, the coaches proceeded to ignite the fire, which in turn started the party. Singing and dancing were some of the activities students participated in once the fire started. Although most joined in on the fun, not all were able to show off their moves.

“Man my soul wanted to sing and dance with everyone but my body but don’t even try Josh It’s a trap.” Joshua Parish, Senior Spanish major, said

One student in particular took to dancing and started a mambo line around the fire. And once he started dancing, so did everyone else.

“Honestly I thought it would be cool to dance around a fire. So me and my friend Ryan started dancing and one thing led to another.” Houston Pokorny, Sophomore Theater major, said.

The night ended with smoldering flames and a night of fun.

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