This is about ethics

A state auditor’s report released last week stated that MSU administrators had acted legally in spending $84,345 to lavishly decorate the Harvey House, a mansion in the Country Club area of Wichita Falls. The off-campus mansion, donated to the university by a wealthy family in 2009, has since been … [Read more...]

Netflix: 810,000 down

The Internet’s top movie-rental service, Netflix, has been losing subscribers steadily since July. The issue? Rising prices and talk about complicating the renting process. The popularity of Netflix was rapid and almost overwhelming. In the second quarter of this fiscal year Netflix reported … [Read more...]

Making a name for MSU

The most popular fundraisers seem to be bake sales, cake-walks, car-washes and auctions (silent or otherwise). MSU is taking the reigns this year on a diffferent type of fundraiser, one that will bring in the big bucks and have a lasting impact on the donors, the school and the students. For  the … [Read more...]

Herman Cain is making some waves

“People who are criticizing me because I have not held public office, they are out of touch with the voters out there.” Herman Cain, a Republican presidential candidate from Georgia, fired back at detractors during State of the Union on CNN Monday night. The question is whether Cain really is … [Read more...]

Protesting for the right cause

The U.S. economy is looking more and more bleak as the weeks pass. The closer we come to 2012, the worse our situation looks. Unemployment numbers aren’t actively improving, jobs aren’t paying anything extra, and inflation is really hitting us in all the wrong spots. The Occupy Wall Street … [Read more...]

Reasonable doubt?

Troy Davis should not have been executed. The 42-year-old Savanna, Georgia resident was put to death by lethal injection Sept. 21. Davis spent 22 years in a Georgia penitentiary after being convicted of killing an off-duty police officer in 1989. Most of the evidence that tied the noose around … [Read more...]

Spare a penny for a millionaire?

Most politicians would rather not discuss their incomes in public. Rep. John Fleming (R-La.), however, let MSNBC interviewer Chris Jansing know he brings in $600,000 annually. In reality, Fleming has an income of about $6 million. “The amount that I have to reinvest in my business and feed my … [Read more...]

Mandatory vaccinations are a good idea

After joining the 2012 GOP Debate panel about a week ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry was attacked by other presidential contenders for mandating an HPV vaccine in Texas. When the dust settled, Perry had even attacked his own stance on the issue. But he should’ve stood his ground  – the policy was … [Read more...]

Americans still reeling from 9/11

Few people could argue that the events of Sept. 11, 2001 did not change the nation forever – the  tragedy has affected us economically, emotionally, societally and politically. Even though Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and other 9/11 conspirators are dead, there’s no masking the scar they left on … [Read more...]

Time for Change

School has started once again, which means another semester of classes, homework and occasional (or not so occasional) partying. But most of all, it means another semester of The Wichitan. We at the student newspaper do have a warped set of priorities, after all. If you’re reading this right … [Read more...]