Attend presidential candidate meetings

The Wichitan

Our view: At the presidential candidate meetings in the next weeks we have one chance to meet each of the three presidential finalists. The meetings are open to anyone and students should take the time to sit down and ask questions of our potential presidents. 

Feb. 23 starts the process of bringing the final three presidential candidates for on-campus interviews. The day prior to their interviews, each candidate will participate in four open forums, one each for staff, faculty, students and community members and alumni, giving plenty of opportunity to attend.

Take this opportunity, then, and go to the one of the meetings. Ask questions of the potential president to make sure our best interests are kept at heart before the candidate is even selected. Choosing the next president is ultimately up to the Board of Regents, but these meetings are an opportunity to help the Regents make their decision by showing what students want from our next president.

Ask hard questions. “What will you do about the university’s troubling enrollment numbers?” Find out what these candidates will bring to the table.

It is important that we are involved in the changes to come and that process has already begun.