Opinion: Choose Marco Torres for SGA president

The Wichitan

Marco Torres
Marco Torres

Our view: In elections, results speak louder than words, and the only results we have seen came from senior class senator Marco Torres. We need an active president who has the best interests of the entire student body, not select groups, at heart. Torres is the candidate for that job.

Elections are always a hotbed for drama, embellished truths and empty promises, all the way down to the student government level. So, as one of the constant observers of this year’s election—and the Student Government Association as a whole—we are confident that Marco Torres would best serve the entire student body as its SGA president.

In just one semester we have seen Torres lead the charge in making the toothless tobacco-free policy enforceable, and bringing an expanded weekend bus route to students. By doing this, Torres demonstrated an ability to not only listen to students and identify their needs, but also an ability to get ressults: The updated tobacco policy is slated to go into effect this fall and the weekend route begins its trial run April 10.

Above all else, results speak much louder than words, and in the last few years the only tangible results we have seen come from SGA occurred this semester, and all under the leadership of Torres.

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