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Health department gets new equipment

Health department gets new equipment from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. The college of health … [Read More...]

Music of the Hardin bell tower

Up on the highest room in the Hardin Administration building, 120 steps from ground level to the top … [Read More...]

Jesse Rogers last turn at Fantasy of Lights

Rogers FOL from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. With his tenure as president coming to an end, … [Read More...]

Fantasy of Lights funded through donations

The annual Fantasy of Lights, a display not funded by university funds or tax dollars, requires … [Read More...]

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Arts + Entertainment

Food fresh, service outstanding at local Italian bistro

Finding a decent Italian restaurant in Wichita Falls can be pretty difficult once of the novelty of … [Read More...]

Salsa served two ways

Jefe's is a Mexican restaurant located on the corner of Southwest Parkway and Fairway Boulevard. … [Read More...]

Chicken for cheap cheap

Here in Texas we love some down home southern deep fried food and the Chicken Box provides locals … [Read More...]

Cozy Greek restaurant serves classics, culture

One of Wichita Falls' hidden secrets is Hibiscus Café, a restaurant located by Sheppard Air Force … [Read More...]

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Mistakes cost football team playoff spot

The football season ended as the team fell into fourth place in the Lone Star Conference with a 6-4 … [Read More...]

Football relocates to West Annex with $350K project

A $350K project will move football out of the two little houses off campus to have a new location on … [Read More...]

Soccer players recognize seniors

http://vimeo.com/111034205 The men's soccer team played Eastern New Mexico Greyhounds last Monday … [Read More...]

Women’s soccer’s fate left in hands of others

The women's soccer team suffered a 1-0 loss against Angelo State University on Friday night at the … [Read More...]

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Campus Voice

Staff Editorial: We need a fall break

Our view: Midwestern State University needs to institute a fall break. Students and faculty … [Read More...]

Mesquite Café is not for everyone

The Mesquite Café is a place that students go to either eat or socialize. And in my years here, the … [Read More...]

Mesquite Cafe can do Better

Being that it was my first semester in Midwestern State, I chose to live in the dorms and reap the … [Read More...]

Give input on dining contract before it’s too late

Our view: Regardless of which side you fall in the great cafeteria debate, change is inevitable when … [Read More...]

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