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637 graduate in December

Nearly 650 graduate and undergraduate students earned their diplomas Saturday morning in Kay Yeager … [Read More...]

Campus open after bomb threat

Evacuate campus :: Go to http://t.co/2Fn2LCJJ5Q for information and action plan. Evacuate campus due … [Read More...]

Stress-relieving dogs take over Moffett Library

The library is more crowded than it has been all year, and may be even more crowded tonight. The … [Read More...]

Alumni invited to Fantasy of Lights

Fantasy of Lights is back on campus and is inviting the MSU Alumni Association to come Dec. 8 for a … [Read More...]

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Arts + Entertainment

Gyros & Kebobs: Good with room to improve

While the family-owned Greek restaurant Gyros & Kebobs offers acceptable Mediterranean staples … [Read More...]

Gypsy Kit brings food-truck cuisine indoors

The Gypsy Kit is a small restaurant housed on the first floor of the historic Hamilton building … [Read More...]

Food fresh, service outstanding at local Italian bistro

Finding a decent Italian restaurant in Wichita Falls can be pretty difficult once of the novelty of … [Read More...]

Salsa served two ways

Jefe's is a Mexican restaurant located on the corner of Southwest Parkway and Fairway Boulevard. … [Read More...]

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Cyclist signs contract with European team

As a young child growing up in Pocatello, Idaho, Hannah Ross spent most of her days in a swimming … [Read More...]

Mistakes cost football team playoff spot

The football season ended as the team fell into fourth place in the Lone Star Conference with a 6-4 … [Read More...]

Football relocates to West Annex with $350K project

A $350K project will move football out of the two little houses off campus to have a new location on … [Read More...]

Mustang basketball preview

http://vimeo.com/111708459 Both teams will play on Friday November 14th to start off the season. … [Read More...]

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Campus Voice

Toothless tobacco policy needs revision

Our view: The toothless tobacco-free campus policy damages the integrity of the university and its … [Read More...]

Tobacco policy unfair to smokers

The continuous struggle to help campus become “healthier” by eliminating smoking from campus could … [Read More...]

Smoking ban needs some teeth

By Marco Torres Smoking on our campus is a problem that must be addressed. While … [Read More...]

Graduating photo editor leaves with parting words

Nothing is more annoying than having someone tell you what to do. Starting from high school you’re … [Read More...]

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