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Time to decriminalize?


Bridget Reilly, Photography Editor

April 30, 2020

"Neither the marijuana user nor the drug itself can be said to constitute a danger to public safety." - Richard Nixon With numerous shelter-in-place laws, states across the US are grappling with what is essential in that part of the world. Connecticut has limited social gatherings to five people. ...

Campus marijuana use increasing

Khirstia Sheffield, Reporter

February 20, 2019

Texas is coming late to the game. Both Colorado and Oklahoma have legalized marijuana to some degree. And with more than 20 states who have done the same, college campuses have been put in a position that will require them to revisit how they promote drug-abuse prevention. The campus police work together...

Embrace progress, dude

Embrace progress, dude

The Wichitan

April 19, 2016

SATIRE, Texas — Marijuana activists worldwide have been eagerly awaiting today's date — 4-20 — a number first established by a group of five high-school stoners but made famous by the popular rock group, Grateful Dead. The number has been used in everything from marijuana police codes to le...

Marijuana violations on campus

Marijuana violations on campus

Kharmyn Lewis

December 10, 2015

Economic development | Enrollment | Budget | Nursing | Housing | International enrollment | Crime | Greek life When parents imagine their child going off to college, they may have some fears. Aside from alcohol, marijuana is another major substance abused on college campuses. Parent...

Campus drug problem declining

Samantha Forester

March 3, 2014

Campus drug problem declining from MWSU Campus Watch on Vimeo. Drugs are finding their way onto college campuses across the nation. Options of heroine or marijuana are popping up at schools all over the country. But does your campus have a drug problem? Sophomore Jesse Brown says he’s been made aware ...

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