Our View: Expose yourself to the cultures on campus

MSU Texas is a minority-majority university, which means ethnic and racial minorities make up the majority of the population, 51% in this case. MSU is also home to students from 54 foreign countries and 44 US states according to msutexas.edu. These two facts make the campus a melting pot of cultures, a melting pot that should be explored by every student.

The university hosts several cultural student organizations such as the Black Student Union, the Caribbean Students Organization and the Organization of Hispanic Students, as well as the MOSAIC Cross-Cultural Center. These institutions offer students year-round access to other cultures, and they also host events throughout the year in hopes of exposing Mustangs to new cultures.

From Sept. 15 (regarded by many Hispanic countries as their date of independence from Spain) to Oct. 15 the OHS and MOSAIC will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with events such as a bachata class and a Latin festival. Nearing the end of the month, the CSO will be hosting Caribfest, a celebration of Caribbean culture that culminates with a parade through the streets of campus. While the festivities can seem overwhelming at first, take the leap and step out of your comfort zone.

It is imperative that MSU students use this time to explore and learn about cultures they are not yet familiar with. For many, college is the one time they will be exposed to other nation’s cultures, so take this opportunity to expand your worldview while you can.