Graduating Mustangs open up about what led them to MSU, and if it was worth it

There are a number of reasons students choose to attend Midwestern State University. A few graduating seniors shared their reasons for coming to MSU, and whether those reasons ended up being a good enough reason to stay.

Alexis Valenzuela, social work

Alexis Valenzuela, social work (Photo courtesy of Alexis Valenzuela)

Why did you choose MSU?

“Honestly, I never knew about MSU until it was recommended to me. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I fell in love. It immediately felt like home.”

Did that reason hold up?

“I would say yes [the reason held up]. I never once through my years at MSU felt like this wasn’t home. It makes it easier to get through the hard days and to push through the work that college takes. If I had the choice between MSU and another university, I would hands down choose MSU again. I wouldn’t be who I am or where I am without giving credit to the university and its organizations.”


Crege La Ronde, mechanical engineering

Crege La Ronde, mechanical engineering (Photo courtesy of Crege La Ronde)

Why did you choose MSU?

“MSU in a way appeared out of nowhere. I had not intended on going to college at the time that I decided to come here, but with the scholarship opportunity I simply could not pass on attending. As an international student, I thought that coming to MSU would be a great introduction to entering the United States.”

Did that reason hold up 

“My expectations have been exceeded! I have had so many opportunities present themselves to me because I am a student here. I had the chance to represent this institution on many levels with organizations and within my department. I believe that the choice I made to come here, although very rushed out of the blue, was the right choice.”


Madelyn Williams, kinesiology

Madelyn Williams, kinesiology (Photo courtesy of Madelyn Williams)

Why did you choose MSU?

“It was close to my home.”

Did that reason hold up?

“My overall time was good at MSU; I would choose to leave town for college if I had to do it again. I believe that I would have experienced more living on campus whether that was at MSU or another college.”


Jake Clancy, mass communication

Jake Clancy, mass communication (Photo courtesy of Jake Clancy)

Why did you choose MSU?

“I chose MSU because it was local, and I didn’t want to go far away without knowing what I wanted to do.”

Did that reason hold up?

“Yeah, I think that staying with a school this size was good, because there wasn’t too much pressure to pick a major, and I had time to figure out what I wanted to pursue. Knowing the area and having local friends already helped a lot with the college experience and I never felt lost or alone while at MSU.”


Savannah Rodriguez, early childhood-6th grade education

Savannah Rodriguez, EC-6 education (Photo courtesy of Savannah Rodriguez)

Why did you choose MSU?
“I chose MSU because it was close to home and had an amazing scholarship opportunity for me!”
Did that reason hold up?
”I definitely do not regret any of my time at MSU. Honestly, MSU was one of my last choices, but I’m glad that I followed my gut and made the decision to go here.”


Caleb Crawley, marketing

Caleb Crawley, marketing (Photo courtesy of Caleb Crawley)

Why did you choose MSU?

“I wanted to be closer to my family and the size of Midwestern State was what I was looking for.”

Did that reason hold up?

“The decision did hold up because I was able to see my family whenever and I become close with several people on campus. I was also able to get involved in different organizations of my choice!”


Luke Bryant, mass communication

Luke Bryant, mass communication (Photo courtesy of Luke Bryant)

Why did you choose MSU?

“I chose MSU because of the size of the school and the price. I wanted an environment where I could build meaningful relationships.”

Did that reason hold up?

“After being here four years, I can definitely say I was able to build meaningful relationships. it’s small enough where you will see your classmates and friends daily around campus. Professors know you by name and know your desires for the future. Although attending MSU has negatives, the relationships made it worth it.”