A review of Shea Moisture Men Collection: empowering to the male soul

Shea Moisture, a personal care company, added a new collection to the market strictly for African American men. This collection consists of new bar soaps, exfoliating body wash, conditioner for different hair textures, beard wash, beard oils and much more.

Recently, I have seen Shea Moisture ads on my laptop computer, as well as in TV commercials, and felt that I should give some of the products a try. I felt like it was time to upgrade my care products, so I purchased the exfoliating body wash, refreshing shampoo and defining cream for my hair.

Sheay Body Moisture defining cream. (Omar Combie)

All of the products begin with a moisturization process so there is no damage to hair or skin. The exfoliating body has Himalayan salt and Jeju volcanic ash to give its users a stimulating scrub. The refreshing shampoo contains vetiver and neroli, which gives a revitalizing clean. Vetiver is good for relieving stress and neroli reduces pain and inflammation. The defining cream is a light-weight formula that contains argan oil and shea butter. I found this information interesting because other than the apparent reasons for needing a care product, the ingredients had other essential properties that can assist with physical and mental health.

When I first used these three products, I noticed how the Shea Moisture collection appealed to the senses. The containers that held the formula were a combination of different tints of green and orange. The colors gave a calm and mature vibe, appealing to my sense of sight. When I got a whiff of what came from each container, I was astonished because of how appealing it was to my sense of smell, especially the exfoliating body wash. For a quick moment, I felt as if I was on a tropical island. The way it felt on my body, whether I was pouring it in the palm of my hand, across my skin or into my hair, appealed to my sense of touch. It was an exhilarating experience that you would have to experience for yourself to appreciate.

Shea Body Moisture products (Omar Combie)

The next thing I noticed when I first used the products, specifically the exfoliating body wash and refreshing shampoo, was the rich lather whenever water touched its surface. The exfoliating body washes unlocked a new level of confidence because I felt clean when I finished conducting hygiene, and of course, it left a fantastic smell everywhere I went. A good number of my friends would ask what cologne I would be wearing, and it felt good to tell them it was my new body wash. The lather that I received from the refreshing shampoo left me in shock because it was the one time I paid attention to the slight change in colorization. The grease, dirt, and whatever else that was in the hair was no longer there. The last thing I noticed when I used the products was how they held my hair down. When I first used the defining cream, I loved how it was light and not heavy like most hairdressing. It kept my hair laid and presentable throughout the day.

Shea Moisture’s efforts to create something necessary like this product allow you to get your money’s worth. The list of products ranges from six to eight dollars, but they do come in sets on the websites for whatever a person’s needs are.