Despite projections, Texas remains red

With the Associated Press calling all major elections in Texas, it appears the Republican Party has maintained its grip on the Lone Star State, despite closer races than in past years.

With 98% of the votes reported and 5,944,613 votes compared to the 4,860,121 votes of challenger MJ Hegar (D), incumbent Senator John Cornyn (R) has been voted into his fourth term as the senior United States Senator for Texas.  Wichita County voted 31,488-12,278 in favor of Cornyn with third-party candidate Kerry McKennon (L) winning 988 votes.

Texas’ 13th congressional district, which contains Wichita County, voted in favor of keeping incumbent Dr. Ronny Jackson (R). Gus Trujillo (D), who visited the MSU Texas campus in October, won 50,213 votes compared to Jackson’s 216,523 ballots. Wichita County voted 31,665-11,890 in favor of Jackson. Libertarian candidate Jack Westbrook won 1,177 votes in the county. Statewide, Republicans won the majority of the 35 seats up for election.

While the presidential election has been called by most major media in favor of Vice President Joe Biden (D), Texas continued its red streaks and voted for incumbent President Donald Trump (R). Trump received 5,872,362 votes compared to the 5,216,327 votes of Biden. In Wichita County, Trump won 31,930 votes and Biden won 13,024.

Texas did not become the swing state many thought it might, but Democrat candidates won two more congressional seats than they previously had. Wichita County continued its history of voting Republican.