The Wichitan’s promise to the students

Since The Wichitan’s incarnation, the mission has always been to provide students with fair and accurate news. Previously, students at The Wichitan have covered the Civil Rights Movement, the Vietnam War, 9/11 and the war on terror. This in-depth coverage will continue as the Presidential election approaches, the Black Lives Matter Movement, COVID-19 and anything else 2020 decides to throw at the world in the next four months.

Despite attention to these monumental events, The Wichitan is dedicated to bringing light to the news on campus and in the Wichita Falls community. From Greek life to new events downtown, this is the paper to turn to.

The paper is going to look different this semester due to COVID-19. To help prevent the spread, The Wichitan will be publishing issues exclusively online for the foreseeable future. Online editions will not only allow students easier access to breaking news but also makes it easier than ever to share The Wichitan with family and friends. Going online, however, doesn’t mean our team won’t be any less dedicated to providing news students need to know.

Just because The Wichitan isn’t biased, doesn’t mean readers can’t be. Columns provide a platform for all members of the community who wish to express themselves. 2020 will no doubt go down as one of the pivotal years of the 21st century and your voices need to be heard, so take advantage of your ability to leave a mark on history and write into The Wichitan.