Tough times in quarantine

Times are tough, especially during COVID-19. We would’ve never thought that we would get to this point of being so isolated from each other. No one predicted that this would happen. Just because life has changed drastically, doesn’t mean you can give up. There is always light in any situation. 

There are so many things to do that are safe and that surely won’t cause you to attract the virus that has changed so many lives.

  • Go for a run!
  • Have family game nights!
  • FaceTime, Zoom or Skype friends and family!
  • Listen to your favorite music!
  • Connect with strangers or friends through video games!
  • Go for a nice swim in your backyard (if you have a pool)!
  • Go on a nice drive around the neighborhood!

These are a few of the many things you can do to keep yourself company during the quarantine and stay-at-home order. Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends or family if you’re feeling any sort of negative emotion. We need to come together during this health crisis and make the most of it. This is not the end of the world. Not all hope is lost. We must keep our heads high and believe that there will be an end to this pandemic. Surely there will be an end; we just don’t know when. Most importantly though, let’s take care of ourselves and take care of others as well.