Road trip fun

Road trips with friends always bring the best kind of memories, and Wichita Falls is the perfect place to depart from to go on a road trip. 

Lubbock may not seem intriguing, but there are bars and the college feel is definitely there. The basketball and baseball teams have been hot as of lately, so that is definitely another reason to drive there. The drive is a little over three hours, so it’s manageable, and you can definitely listen to the playlist you made hours before departure. 

You can say the same for Norman. Coming in an hour shorter at just around a two hour drive, this will be intriguing to students and non-students whose cars are bad on gas mileage. Their football team is insane, so it would definitely be worth it to go and catch a game sometime.

The center of the DFW metroplex is a little under two hours from Wichita Falls. This will be arguably the hottest destination. The advantages for this destination are the bars, stockyards, city feel, concerts and so much more.

Lastly, the Wichita Mountains is a little under an hour and a half drive. This little road trip is perfect for anyone wanting to get away from the stressful college life. There are so many hike paths to choose from!

Now it’s up to you to figure out where you want to go. Grab a friend(s), head to any of these locations and make some long-lasting memories!