Nine things to know about Title IX

    1. Title IX is a civil right that prohibits sex discrimination in education.
    2. Title IX applies to all students regardless of gender identity.
    3. Schools may not retaliate against someone filing a complaint and must keep complaints safe from other retaliatory harassment.
    4. Schools should ensure that no student has to share campus space (such as dorms, classes, and workplaces) with their abuser.
    5. Schools can issue no-contact directives to prevent accused students from approaching or interacting with the complainant.
    6. Schools must be proactive in ensuring that your campus is free from sex discrimination.
    7. Schools cannot discourage you from continuing your education.
    8. All schools receiving federal funding, including public K-12 schools and the majority of colleges, are subject to Title IX.
    9. Schools must have an established procedure for handling complaints of sexual discrimination, harassment, and violence.