The Counseling Center is the place to go


Image courtesy of Google Maps

When you first come to college are you scared? A more broadened question would be, “Are you afraid to bear the new comings that college brings to you?” If the answer is yes, the counseling center is a place that many students fail to take advantage of while in college. The counseling center provides many helpful opportunities that will benefit them in a way that allows them to relieve any issues that they may be experiencing throughout their college life.

For those who would like to truly know the process of going to the counseling center for any personal reason, it is actually quite simple. It is as quick as calling a loved one. Just call to make an appointment, and they will help you out with the rest. Once you have made the arrangements, you will just need to fill out the necessary paperwork that they provide you, and you will be given a professional on-campus counselor to talk you through any difficulties you may be having. However, the counseling center does more than one-on-one sessions. They provide various groups for different issues that some of us need some guidance with. For specific example, there is a social anxiety group meeting every Thursday for those of you who struggle with approaching strangers or speaking in front of others.

If you need any sort of help throughout college, and you are unable to reach out to someone, the counseling center provides you a place to freely talk through any troubles. The counseling center on campus is a valuable resource. It’s available to any student and faculty attending MSU. It is available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-5 p.m., and it is located on the corner of Hampstead and Louis J. Rodriguez.