Letter from the editor: How student media changed my college experience

Alyssa Mitchell

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Immaturity is a disease
December 3, 2019

Most freshmen come in wide-eyed, bushy-tailed and ready for new experiences. As a senior in high school, I was so ready to have the freedom to do what I wanted whenever I wanted, get away from my three younger siblings, meet new people and build lasting relationships.

I had a rude awakening my first two months of school. I was having a hard time making friends, couldn’t find a place where I fit in and I was extremely homesick. I would go home every weekend because I missed my friends and family. My second semester. I decided science was not my forte so I changed my major from athletic training to mass communication even though I had no idea what mass communication was. This was probably the best decision I made during my four years at Midwestern.

When I changed my major, I took a class called “media writing and reporting.” This class worked closely with our school newspaper The Wichitan. I started writing for them as I was writing for my class and fell in love with it. I loved the people I met, and I slowly started coming out of my shell. The people working in the office were pretty weird, but it had an accepting environment. People from all walks of life and backgrounds congregated here and worked together to produce a quality product for campus enjoyment.

I like to think I found my niche.

After working for The Wichitan as a volunteer-reporter for two and a half years, I had the crazy idea to apply to be the editor. I never really thought that I would get the position, but I did. It is the craziest experience, but I’ve enjoyed every minute of it! During my time at The Wichitan, I have gained long-lasting friendships, real-word experiences in my field as well as great college memories. After countless semester-end parties and graduations, it’s my turn to leave the nest.

In this last semester at the paper, we have changed many things. My team has changed the style of our paper, rebranded it, created new content and worked tirelessly on Tuesday nights to produce an amazing newsmagazine for the student body’s enjoyment. I could not have asked for a better team to end my time as the editor. I am proud of my time here and what we have accomplished.

If I am to leave some parting advice for the first-semester freshman, it would be to get out of your comfort zone and find your niche. Don’t be afraid to visit as many clubs, organizations and meetings you can find. You never know where you’ll find your place.