Letter from the Editor: The Wichitan is back

The Wichitan is back with a fresh, new look!

You might have noticed our presence was absent these first two months of school. We have taken this time to redesign, rebrand and redefine your student newspaper. Throughout this process, we have created a new logo, changed our color schematic, added new, fresh content, and converted to a bi-weekly newspaper. Our goal for all these changes is to bring entertainment, information and build trust with the campus body.

We also hope to bring the campus an “Ask Wichi” advice column in upcoming issues. Students, staff and faculty can submit questions via the Wichitan email and they will be answered by Wichi.

Not only have we rebranded and redesigned, but we have also joined hands with two other student media organizations; The Wai-Kun, our yearbook, and MnG Media, our broadcast news source. We are newly integrated together and will be spreading media coverage through our own organizations as well as each other to better inform and entertain the campus populous.

That being said, the Wichitan, MnG Media and the Wai-Kun are calling all journalists, photographers, videographers, designers, salespeople, and social media enthusiasts to join. No experience is required and every major is accepted. Being a part of any of these organizations is a great resume builder as well as good sources to gain experience and skills for future endeavors.

Whether you decide to join or not, we hope you enjoy this fresh, new look of the Wichitan.