Building a nonreligious organization for students

OUR VIEW: Religious students find comfort in their religious groups; it is only natural that non religious students would want to feel that same comfort in an organization of their own. We are a university that welcomes diversity. It is about time that our non religious students start a community of their own without being condemned for their views.

Living in a state that is primarily Christian limits non religious individuals from going public with their beliefs and could restrict what actions they can do within their own communities.

The topic of the campus not having any non religious organizations. Having a non religious organization would benefit students who view themselves agnostic or atheists by encouraging them to open up their beliefs to others without the concern of being criticized or viewed as anti-religious.

In the First Amendment of the Constitution, it states that citizens have the freedom to practice any religion they want and the right to not practice a religion. The government cannot make laws that favor nor prohibit any religious or non religious group; also meaning that if students here want to form a non religious organization, they have to right to do so. An organization like this can not only benefit the student body but also the community in a sense that local residents can witness the religious diversity the university has to offer.

However, others can not start this organization for them. The nonreligious students need to have the courage to build a community and place for themselves.

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