Eight students rave about their off-campus jobs


Emily Smith, graphic design junior, works at United Market Street April 28. Photo by Brianne Fournier

Eight students have been lucky enough to find jobs that are both fun and accommodating.

Natty Cervantes, general business junior and On the Border waitress, said, “On the Border is a friendly and caring business that prioritizes both the customers and their employees. It’s a good job for students because the hours are flexible and it’s an easy money making opportunity while advancing your people skills.”

Melanie Garcia, exercise physiology junior and On the Border waitress, said her favorite part about her job is the fact that she doesn’t have to do the silverware.

“It’s a fun and fast paced environment. My favorite part is not having to roll silverware like all of the other serving jobs I’ve had,” Garcia said.

Evan Jackson, computer science junior, said, his co-workers make working at Lowe’s as a lumber associate enjoyable.

“Lowe’s is a good environment with great co-workers, and managers who will work with you and your schedule. My favorite thing about work is easily my co-workers,” Jackson said.

Braxton Allen, kinesiology senior, said, his favorite part about working at Lowe’s is the environment.

“I really enjoy the family friendly environment that Lowe’s presents through the customers’ perspective and the associates’ perspective,” Allen said.

Pete Marrufo, nursing senior, said, Home Depot is extremely flexible with student schedules and makes an effort to prevent them from interfering.

“At the first interview they ask about your academics to prevent any schedule interfering. A major portion of the staff are students from Vernon college and MSU. I love working with my good friends, and getting the chance to interact with customers and not have to worry about the struggle of the semester during my shifts,” Marrufo said.

Best Buy is another place where other students work according to what Alexis Maggard, social work sophomore, said.

“The environment at Best Buy is great. Even though there is different departments, everyone is always helping out wherever they can. Many other MSU students work there and I think it’s a good place for others to work. My favorite part about it is that you can still have fun while working because everyone gets along, it’s almost as if we’re one big family,” Maggard said.

Brenna Lambert, radiology sophomore, said, she would recommend working at Buckle to anyone.

“The work environment is very positive, supportive, and allows room to grow and learn. I would recommend working there to others because it’s such a good environment. My favorite thing is that everyone’s close to my age and friendly. There is a hint of competitiveness since we go based off sales commission but it keeps you motivated,” Lambert said.

Emily Smith, graphic design junior, works as a cashier at United Market Street and said, she loves seeing her customers that come in often.

“My favorite thing is working in the deli early in the morning so I get to see my regular costumers that come in. Market Street has a very friendly environment and everyone always leaves in a good mood,” Smith said.


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