Riker’s Game coming to MSU

For only $5 student will be able to experience Riker’s Game on April 11, 12 and 13 from 5-10 p.m. in Wichita I&II, brought by the National Society of Black Engineers.

Riker’s Game is an escape room inspired game created by a 2014 graduate of Computer Science and Math who said he wishes to be referred to as “Rellety Rosted.”

I want to stay in the shadows because I want my work to be enjoyed first before putting a face to “who” did it.  I want to see people’s genuine reaction to the game itself and not to the person.  You can call me ‘Rellety Rotsed’.”

Rellety Rotsed, said, “I went to an escape room in Dallas late last year, 2018, and I immediately fell in love with it. The intrigues, the suspense, the wits. I thought to myself; with my creativity and story telling abilities, I could definitely pull this off and make one of my own, and I got to work. Shortly after Riker was born.”

Teams of four will have 30 minutes to compete against Riker by solving puzzles and deciphering codes to ultimately escape the room. $100 will be awarded to the team that finishes the game the fastest.

“The aim was to bring something different to the school,” MamGoree Sock, president of NSBE, said. “MSU does a great job of having so many events around. We wanted to bring different twists to social events that happen on campus.”

Students can register to play the game on MustangsLink. Ten teams have already registered to play.

“This is a different experience its going to test your limits, cause it’s timed, there’s pressure and you have to work as a team. If anything its going to build you as a person and team player,” said Sock. “Riker is very smart, beating Riker is going to be tough. I will be very impressed if any teams beats him. It is doable, and we do provide certain hints and clues that will help them along the way,” Sock said.

Rotsed said he wants students to have fun.

Rellety Rotsed said, “My main goal is for students to ultimately have FUN! It’s challenging and it will get you thinking outside the box. Many laha moments when you get past a puzzle, many dang moments when what you thought was the solution turns out not to be the right one. It promises to be fun, exciting and immersive.”

The money raised from this event will go to NSBE as a fundraiser, and reimburse the organization for the expenses used to purchase props and supplies to execute the game.