University takes Title IX seriously


Bradley Wilson

Rachael Fornof talks to faculty after a Title IX training. Photo by Bradley Wilson

OUR VIEW: The Wichitan staff believes Title IX should be taken seriously and Rachel Fornof, director and coordinator of Title IX does just that. She ensures the safety of all students, protecting their right to equal access to the world of opportunity our campus has to offer.

Sexual assault is something that disproportionately affects female students, universities are liable for sexual assault and harassment. The university strives to educate and protect students from sexual misconduct.

In fall of 2018, Rachael Fornof took on the role of Title IX director. She is tasked with coordinating the awareness and education of students regarding sexual assault.

The university requires all students complete the “Think About It” course which teaches future students about things like consent, alcohol and drug consumption, and strategies for saying “No.” These courses are extremely beneficial to educating the population of our campus and creating a safe atmosphere for students to live their college lives.

Fornof has done an amazing job incorporating new ways to inform and educate students through guest speakers and partnering with organizations that provide  skill training.

The university values the safety and development of students beyond the requirements of the law. We are grateful to go to school knowing there are people like Fornof who strive to create an environment fit to learn and grow.