Humans vs Zombies takes over the campus

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The campus-wide game of tag “Humans vs. Zombies” hosted by the University Program Board, began April 1. It is still going on as of today, but the number of students who remain human is dwindling, while the number of zombies is growing.

Alexis Osborne, nursing sophomore, said, “Hearing about it from other people that have played before made me want to play. It sounded fun and I am looking forward to hearing funny stories and making memories,”

At the start of the game, there is only one zombie, the Original Zombie, who tags humans. Humans that are tagged become zombies, then it is their duty to tag other humans, in 48 hours, if not, they starve to death. For this year’s Humans vs Zombies game there is 91 students, 92 including a faculty member playing.

Kayleigh Stone, the Original Zombie, political science sophomore, said, “It’s kind of cool being the OZ. People are intimidated by me when they see the bandana around my head,”

The humans must wear a bandana around their arm or leg, and zombies must wear a bandana around their head to tell the difference between a human and a zombie. In previous years they used different colors of bandannas to tell them apart.

Savannah Lopez, social work freshman, said, “So far I haven’t been tagged yet! The first time I encountered a zombie, I threw my sock at her to stun her so I could run inside the Clark Student Center. My goal is to get top human.”

Tagging is only allowed outside and is off limits inside of buildings. Humans have socks that could be thrown at a zombie, which will cause the zombie to freeze for two minutes, which allows the human to get away.

“Students should play because it’s really fun, there’s prizes and it’s just another way to relive stress from classes. It really brings out the competitive side of people,” said Stone.

This is a fairly new tradition hosted by UPB since 2011. The game has been played every year with the exception of last year.

Dallas Wabbington, English sophomore, and UPB chair for low budget no budget, said, “It didn’t happen last year because no one wanted to put it on. Because, it’s a lot of responsibility and it takes a lot out of you especially  after having to do it after a whole week, [spring break] and I just wanted to do it because someone recommended it to me, I was like ‘I’ve never heard of this, I’ll do it! I’m not doing anything else except just studying,’” Wabbington said.

The game ends on April 5, and the top 3 humans and top 3 zombies will receive prizes.


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