International Students

OUR VIEW: The Wichitan staff believes the international office and coaches make the process of enrolling easier for the students to transition into university. But the internation office is in the forefront for making it a smooth operation.

Coaches and international office are responsible for handling international student athletes recruitment and they do a great job at this.

The international office is in charge of recruitment process. To make processes easier each staff member is given an individual role. For example, one staff member is in charge of insurance questions and another is in charge of documentation. Because of the way they break this process down it is a smooth transition and helps students stay interested in attending the university.

Breaking down the process makes transitioning easier and keeps students interested in attending the university.

Jedeshkeran Chandrasegaran, mechanical engineering senior from Sri Lanka, said the recruitment process is easy for incoming international students.

Attending an American university can can make it easier to juggle both school and sports.

“I could have gone pro in the Netherlands but I would have been as a third goalkeeper, at the same time I would have to give up school and wouldn’t be able to get a good salary in the future, so I didn’t feel it was worth it since I felt that I also wanted to get a college degree,” Luuk Teurlinx, mechanical engineering junior, said.