Students get bunny hop lessons before spring break

Water turned off in Fain Fine Arts after workers break water line

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Mica Victorian
Mustang’s Walk is under repair and is barricaded on March 9 near the Fain Arts building.

Students got a chance to practice their bunny hoping skills in front of the Fain Arts Building on March 8 to avoid getting their feet wet.

As students crossed Nocona Trail, they became aware of  water lining the sidewalk entrance to the Fain Arts Building and in front of Fain Music Hall. They were forced to hop over a stream of water that ran out into Nocona Trails and lining the entire curbside. Students crossing over from the designated student parking lot had no other choice but to hop over water to get to the entrance of the Fain Arts building. The stream of water affected students both outside the Fain Arts Building and inside. Inside the water had to be shut off for about five hours causing an inconvenience for the south side of the campus.

No alerts were sent out to inform students that the water would be shut off, although, out-of-order signs were placed on restroom doors inside the Fain Arts Building.

Assistant central plant superintendent Doug Collins said, “When we were replacing the gas-line we hit a water line. We had to shut off the water to the Fain Arts Building, the warehouse and the guest house.”

Jesse Rogers Promenade — also known as “Mustang’s Walk” — was extended past the mass communication building earlier this semester. Those newly laid bricks were not moved.

Bricks laid in the last update to Mustangs’ Walk, lay plucked up and stacked neatly on the sidewalk, yards of newly purchased water hose line the ground, while underground pipes lay exposed.

Central plant superintendent Mark Morgan said, “Hard to see until we get it up out the ground. While repairing a gas leak a water line was cut. The repairs on the gas lines were completed a week ago.”

The guts of Mustang’s Walk sat spread open with pipes exposed until after lunch on Friday. By 4:30 p.m. the hole dug up by the bull dozer span across the entire walkway. Shipments of new waterpipe hose and other supplies lay on the ground undisturbed inside a now barricaded area. The water was cut on to all buildings shut off earlier in the day and a alert was sent out to students and faculty.

By 5 p.m. the walk-way in front of the Fain Arts Building was dry and students no longer had to jump over puddles. The water was then cut back on for students on the southside of campus before Saturday’s Mustang Rally.

Workers did not resume working on Saturday instead the cones used to barricade the whole and supplies were laid flat on the ground.

There were no updates available over the weekend as to when the workers would resume their work.

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