Becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution can better campus

The Wichitan believes that becoming a Hispanic Serving Institution can better our students, both Hispanic and non-Hispanic.

Over recent years, the university has had an increase of Hispanic students, all in attempts to become an HSI. Twenty-five percent of our school’s population (roughly over 1,300 students) must be Hispanic identifying.

There are many benefits when becoming an HSI, such as having other students connect with Hispanic culture and being able to allow other Hispanic students to find a home away from home. However, the main benefit would have to be the money that the school will receive; over $3,000 per Hispanic identifying student.

The HSI funding can benefit both Hispanic and non-Hispanic students because it is not solely for the use of Hispanic students. Underrepresented groups can find college difficult but the additional funding could help lift that burden. The school would be able to have money for programs that benefit Hispanic students, first-generation students and other minorities on campus.

Even though becoming a HSI benefits all students, Hispanic students would be the reason that the university would receive the funding. But, having it benefit any student or group can help the campus in a major way.