Business Etiquette Dinner set for Feb. 27


Janice Buss, presenting at the Business Etiquette Dinner in 2018 in the Clark Student Center.

Students are invited to learn etiquette basics while dining with local businesses through the Dillard College of Business at the Business Etiquette Dinner Feb. 28 in the Clark Student Center.

Melissa Boerma, administrative assistant at the Dillard College of Business, is the woman who planned everything from the local business representatives to the table center pieces and everything in between.

“It’s a great event and wonderful opportunity and I’m always amazed at the things that I learn,” said Boerma. “I have attended this for the last five years and I learn new things every time I go.”

The dinner is free; however, there is a $10 deposit to reserve a seat, and the money will be returned when you arrive. Students must make a reservation to hold their spot in Boerma’s office prior to the event because there is a 100 student limit. At the dinner, students will be placed at a table with one to two of the 50 leaders from 28 local businesses that will be in attendance.

Janice Buss, trained at Protocol School of Washington in Washington D.C, and was the director of public information and marketing here at the university, is the speaker and will be presenting everything about etiquette. Business professional attire is required. Boerma says it is beneficial for all students to attend.

“Etiquette is an important tool for all our majors. You get to sit through this dinner and learn how to conduct yourself,” said Boerma. “We hope that in the future when you go off and have an opportunity to have dinner with a potential employer that you remember what you learned at the dinner and get the job because of it.”

Jeff Stambaugh, dean of the Dillard College of Business, has been in attendance for the last 10 years. He encourages all students to show up ready to learn.

“The purpose of the Business Etiquette Dinner is to help our students to develop etiquette skills,” Stambaugh said. “Etiquette is one of those things that when you don’t know that you are doing it wrong you don’t realize how many people you are negatively influencing.”

Dirk Welch, director of career management center and testing services, has been a part of the Business Etiquette dinner since it began 12 years ago and says that the event has received a lot of positive responses.

“General comments from past students participating in the event have been ‘this is a great experience’ or ‘I have learned so much that will help me do well in dining situations.’ Those are typical responses from students that participate in it, likewise from the employers.” Welch said.

Welch said his favorite part of the event is reading the comments from students and business representatives about how much they value this event and how it has helped them learn.

  1. Do you know how to properly introduce yourself at a business dinner?
  2. Do you know how to respond when you are introduced to someone?
  3. Do you know what fork to use for the appetizer?
  4. Do you know what to do with toasted at a business dinner?
  5. Do you know when to arrive at a business dinner?
  6. Do you know what proper attire is required at a business dinner?
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