Falls Ride is beneficial for students

Our View: Falls Ride is the public busing system available to students, faculty and staff. The Wichitan staff believes that having access to public transportation is beneficial for all students.

This busing system is open to all students, faculty and staff with an I.D. and paid for through tuition and fees. We believe that students should utilize any resources available to them, including public transportation.

The university’s original goal was to give transportation to students living in off campus apartments and homes. The students this is most beneficial for are students who do not have transportation, and those living outside of the Mustang Shuttle route.

The Connector route is the most important because it goes to the mall and travel center located downtown. The routes that may be the most useful for students are routes seven (purple) and three (green). These routes connect to campus and the mall. Using the buses you can get almost anywhere located in city.

Dennis Burket, Transit Administrator said, “We’ve already modified the Connector route to pick up and drop off students at the upcoming dorm downtown.”

Students with vehicles are also encouraged to use the bus. Using public transportation can help students save money spent on gas for other necessities like food and hygiene products.

Students who are using the bus system also have access to an app call DoubleMap. This app shows where the buses are, the routes, and how long the bus will take to reach your stop.

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