Friendly play at Casino Night

The Resident Hall Association hosted a Casino Night in the Legacy Multipurpose Room on Feb. 16, a night that included different table games, music, food, and prizes.

“I have been to a lot of casinos, and I normally play the table games. The idea to have a casino night was cool I had a lot of fun,” said Kyle Carter, mechanical engineering junior.

people who went took advantage of the food and drinks while they were playing. There were different foods such as crackers, cheese, sausage, cookies, and more.

“The food was a good call, I don’t mind snacking on things while I’m playing it’s relaxing, I enjoyed it,” Carter said.

Carter was one of the 29 people who attended the event.

“I wish we had a little more people, but we understand it’s the weekend and people go back home or are studying,” said Brenda Morales, history junior.

The games at some of the tables were Speed, Blackjack, Poker, Deuces, and Slaps.

“My favorite game is poker I’m not the best but I’m learning one of the things I liked was the environment, everyone was friendly and just having fun,” said Ethan Criblez, mechanical engineering sophomore.

A raffle was held by the Resident Hall Association giving away MSU gear, they gave away shirts, hoodies, and hats. A player would win a raffle for every game they won and then choose what raffle they wanted their tickets to go in.

“I didn’t win anything but it was fun to see who won, if they did something like this again I would go again,” said Criblez.

The Casino Night was but one of the Resident hall Association’s event.

“Our next event will be the Rocket League Tournament on Feb. 21 the first place winner will receive $25 and the second place winner will receive $15,” Morales said.