A Day in the Life of Josiah Beshear


Josiah Beshear

The oldest of four children and a Wichita Falls native, Josiah Beshear is an education sophomore.

Beshear is juggling 16 credit hours this semester in addition to his off campus activities.

“I am taking four in class [courses] and one online,” Beshear said. “I wake up early and have 8 a.m. [classes] all week. Then I go in to work at First Baptist church. I am an interim youth pastor out there for their Shepard Campus. I’ll usually write my message for the oncoming week. I help out with the college ministry as well, The Bridge. I’ll come on campus and hand out water bottles and help out that night.”

He said that he enjoys a more spontaneous schedule.

“In the middle of the day, I try to at least have one break so I’ll go and play ping-pong or pool with the guys. Then I head back to work,” Beshear said. “I love doing spur of the moment things. It kind of keeps everything interesting. It also helps me stay committed to things because, I think whenever I get into a constant circle of things, I tend to slack off or get a little lazier. If I’m changing it up every day, it helps me stay more alert, realize what I need to do and honestly just have more fun.”

Beshear said when it comes to his study habits, the way he goes about his work varies throughout the week.

“Since I have a history [focus] with my education degree it is a lot of reading books but also paying attention in lectures and writing essays. I don’t take many tests and I honestly like it better now but at first I hated it and hated writing. I would rather have taken a multiple choice test, but now I appreciate the fact that I can explain myself and that I have time. It’s not as pressured because you can go home and write about it instead of just having a given amount of time to answer this, this and this.”

He said what helped him improve the most was asking questions.

“I’d schedule a meeting with them, and they would say ‘here is where you missed points’ or ‘work on this and explain this better.’ That’s what I usually do with all my first essays, because every teacher wants some things done differently when it comes to their work.”

Beshear also said his work with as an interim youth pastor is what helps give him the reset he needs to push through the week.

“The most important part of my week is the night I get to go out to the kids I am an interim pastor [to] or when I am at The Bridge. That’s [when] I really feel like I’m at my best and get a chance to sit back, relax, and be with a bunch of great people that are super nice and who don’t care where you’re from. They love you as a person. I just feel at home.”

Beshear continues in his efforts to volunteer his time and be an active part of his church. It extends into his daily life.

“I really wasn’t involved too much on campus. I didn’t know many students and then I started hanging out with more of the people I was in classes with and started playing intramural sports which really helped me kind of get connected with… how student life is going,” Beshear said. “When I became the intern of the college ministry that allowed me to really meet a lot of different people, from different places and just get to know them and see how their lives go on campus. I was able to go and hang out with them whether it was at the student center or going to get something to eat. It really gave me a feel of how student life is here. Now, I  try to spend everyday doing something on campus, talking to and meeting somebody new because its a beautiful campus. I love everything about MSU.”

Besgeae said it is his love for people that drives and encourages him.

“Just talking to people getting to know who they are… see where they came from and what they do,” Beshear said. “Creating relationships through classes, even though it might be super hard course or I don’t like it. There’s more than likely somebody in there that doesn’t like it just as much and we’ll end up studying together and becoming friends even the next semester. It’s one thing I’m good at and that I love to do. One of the things that motivates me and also keeps me going to class and doing all those things is just to meet new people.”

Through his interactions, Beshear said he has grown in patience and understanding.

“Sometimes some people aren’t as willing to open up so you have to be patient and really just be there to love [them]. If they want to open up to you right then, then great and if not then keep being nice to them. I know that the people we surround ourselves with is what fuels us.”

Beshear is optimistic about his future and says he is confident that he is on the right path.

“Right now I’m testing out what it’s like to be a youth pastor and I honestly really love it. I’d be happy being either a teacher or a youth pastor depending on what opportunities come my way or what I feel God is calling me to do after graduation.”