Sigma Nu recruitment includes bowling, cookout

As part of their continued recruitment efforts, members of Sigma Nu invite prospects to come bowl with them  Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. Village Bowl. 

Eta Upsilon Chapter of Sigma Nu will hold a bowling night at Village Bowl for men interested to join an organization that is built on its principles of love, honor and truth. 

Hayes Hooper, political science sophomore and acting chapter president, said, “The brotherhood I saw during my rush, all the guys liked each other, and our values of love, honor, and truth meant a lot to me then and still do.”  

Nicholas Lanier, mass communication sophomore and acting vice president, said, “For me I just wanted to get more out of college than just sitting in my dorm room all day, that’s what I have seen myself doing all freshman year and after meeting some of the sigma nu guys I’m glad I joined because I can see the growth I’ve made in terms of me becoming more outgoing.”   

Sigma Nu members said their group is focused on community service and volunteering. They don’t want potential recruits to get the wrong idea that fraternities are just for parties. 

“We’re not into throwing wild parties, that’s not what we do we love philanthropy and the appeal of fundraising, we just like helping out the community, bettering ourselves, and bettering our members in pretty much any way possible,” Hooper said. 

Academic progress is part of how fraternity and sorority members are assessed. Sigma Nu that has the highest cumulative GPA of all fraternities on campus.

“The big thing for us regarding rush is to not oversell yourself. There are so many guys that go through rush that try to be somebody who they’re not. That’s just going to attract the people that you’re not going to fit in with. By being yourself and by giving all the fraternities a chance, you will very quickly find which one is best for you,” Lanier said. 

In addition to bowling, prospective members can visit with current members Feb. 8 at 7 p.m. for a cookout.  

Hooper said, “Greek life is not a competition. If we feel like you can fit in with another fraternity, we’ll gladly show you the way. We help each other grow and want to see each other succeed.”