Why the question of the week is important

Our View: The Wichitan staff believes that students have a voice that needs to be heard. We also believe that they should be given an outlet to use that voice in a productive manner.

Our new series “Question of The Week” will give students a platform to articulate their opinions and create conversations on campus.

We believe in freedom of speech and strive to be first, fair, unbiased and accurate. With this in mind, we want to include students in our efforts to do just that.

This series is geared towards the students and written so that they can have a chance to be heard campus-wide through the use of our publication.

The question of the week is an important tool to reach the students and interact in ways that articles can’t. With asking a question every week, we strike up conversations amongst students and gain more readership.

We at the Wichitan care about our readers and want to hear what they feel about enough to set out and gather information from random individuals.With creating these conversations, students are able to be challenged to think on a higher level.

This is important on a number of levels because it also helps prepare students for job interviews and helps others see their views and intelligence.

We hope that the Question of The Week can be used as a learning tool for all students and can continue for many years to come.