A day in the life of Mamgoree Sock


Gambian born, MamGoree Sock is a mechanical engineering senior and computational science and math minor.

With only one semester left Sock is balancing one of his busiest schedule yet.

“I use my weekends to catch up on homework and I use Sunday to plan my week,” he said. “Mondays and Wednesdays are all full of classes, and I do any work to prepare for lectures in between. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays are mostly spent at Tranter where I do my internship. I go to work at 7:30 a.m. and have to be on campus for class by 10 a.m. which is until 12:20 p.m. Then by 1 p.m. I am back to work until 5 p.m. Doing senior design work takes up almost all the free time in my week because its a consistent thing but our group meets on Wednesdays. Every third Wednesday we have National Society of Black Engineers  general meetings and the executive meeting happen as needed.”

Sock is working on his senior design project along with four other students and the help of their mentors. The first-time project is a mobile wireless surveillance system with unpredictable motion.

“What we are working on is a surveillance system that you can mount on a rail, the difference between this and other surveillance systems that exist is that it can traverse or move across a wall and the key feature that makes it unique is the movement of the machine or camera is unpredictable,” Sock said. “You don’t know where it’s going to stand or stop because it’s meant to move continuously in a random motion. This was influenced by the double pendulum motion. It’s a very unique project we are working very hard on it and we’re actually trying to get it patented by the school.”

The finished product will be presented at the Enhancing Undergraduate Research Endeavors and Creative Activities and North Texas Area Student Conference.

Sock also serves as president of the Midwestern Chapter of the NSBE, and recently began an internship with a Tranter. In branching out Sock said from what he has learn as a student, the work environment in his field is very different from what we learn in school.

“The pressure there is different, it’s more of self-responsibility. So you say to yourself, ‘I’m working for a company that expects x, y, and z and I have to deliver, even if my boss is not watching over me.’ So it’s different as opposed to when professors set deadlines for you. Also working with people and having to know your surroundings, and maintaining relationships with your peers, your colleagues, your seniors and learning from those who are more seasoned professionals… You have to adjust, because when you are around your friends in college there seems to be more informal vibe as opposed to when you are at work.”

His continued exposure and packed schedule has given him an appreciation for prioritization especially where his schoolwork is concerned.

“I prioritize things that are more involving so say for instance, I have like a one-page paper that is due on Monday, obviously if I have any assignments due on Thursday I’d spend more time doing the paper than the assignments because its all about what’s coming next for me. I don’t really have enough wiggle room to do assignments ahead of time. But I try to do them at least two days before they are due. One of the best things I try to do though is to listen in class, that’s the best way for me to absorb information so I focus in class as much as I can. That way I don’t have to go back and read a lot and I’d be like, ‘oh I remember this.'”

Sock said that communication is key in his work environment.

“One of the biggest things I am working on right now is effectively communicating with people by not wasting time making sure I get the necessary information is communicated and get the information I need. I probably communicate with at least 50 different people throughout the week because I have a group chat for NSBE, for senior design, I also have a basketball group, and then I have to talk to my family and friends. So the biggest thing for me is effective communication. I think I’ve almost perfected it because if I message you, you know exactly what I need and at what time. That’s all I can do because I have because my time is very limited.”

Sock says that playing basketball is one of the few things that helps him destress and recharge.

“Sometimes I get overwhelmed and I just want to go home and sleep. Sometimes I just go home and crash and there’s nothing else I can do because my brain is worn out and I feel so tired from juggling so many tasks that I have no room for anything else but sleep. But that’s where basketball comes in. Right now, I’m playing in the campus intramural tournament so every Tuesday and Thursday we have games. I also play in the city Wichita Falls city league on Thursday. I get a lot of rest and try to eat healthy too. I don’t know how but I’m doing it subconsciously because I know I have to take care of my body.”

Sock said his mother is the source of his motivation.

“Every time I talk to her she encourages me and when I’m stressed out I reach out to her and let her know or I just vent. She’s always giving me words of encouragement so that keeps me going and pushes me. She’s definitely my fuel.”

Sock said he is looking forward to the opportunities that lay ahead.

One of the biggest things I’m looking forward to is going to the NSBE national conference to see what opportunities are there for me… So I’m interested in getting one last internship this summer in order to secure a full time job where I can gain some experience. If I don’t get any opportunities there then I will stay with the company that I work with and see what my future holds there.