Food insecurity is being dealt with properly

Our View: Food insecurity is a rarely talked about issue that effects a lot of college students. The Wichitan believes that the university is slowly combating this issue and doing it well.

Making sure that the issue is brought into the light is the first way we can make a change. When we asked students what they knew about food insecurity, many students lacked the basic knowledge and information on what food insecurity is. To build awareness is the first step to making a difference. Regardless of students’ lack of information on the topic, the university itself is taking a step forward to make sure students don’t have to go hungry. The first step being the Mustangs Pantry that started this past fall. Followed by the Canan Food Security scholarship that was put into place this January for students that need a helping hand when it comes to getting a meal. This scholarship will give students an initial ten extra meal swipes and Chartwells will be helping out by giving meals at-cost for only $5. Any student can apply and it is not academically based. It is solely determined by your need. Any additional help can be negotiated. The Wichitan staff believes that no person or student should have to wonder where their next meal will come from. Being a student is already hard enough and having to starve to save a few bucks is a rough way to live. Parents always say you need to eat a healthy breakfast to study well, because you can’t focus without proper nutrition.