Arts Council Center ‘the heart’ of Wichita Falls


Mica Victorian

Thorpe Griner speakers to professor and Juanita Harvey Art Gallery Director Gary Goldberg at the arts council Jan. 17.

The Arts Council Center is where amateur and professional artists can display their work. It’s also where people in the community can view, buy, and meet upcoming artists.

Chief Executive Carol Sales said she believes that the Arts Council Center is the heart of Wichita Falls, but because it is a non-profit center it does not have funds for advertising.

“It is great to get people in the community to come together, people just do not realize what all the center offers,” Sales said.

Alumnus Thorpe Griner held an Invisible Light exhibition of infrared photographs on Jan. 17.

“Wichita Falls felt like I was trapped in a bubble, so I moved once I graduated,” Griner said. “I took photography as a minor in college and fell in love with it.”

Griner graduated with a degree in mass communication but said there was not much money being made in the field after he graduated.

He said, “I converted my digital camera to be able to capture the photos using a method called Project IR.”

Griner captures beautifully colorized landscapes while using Project IR and can get exposure at anytime of the day.

The Arts Council Center hosts many functions at the same time. People that attended for another purpose also had the opportunity to view Griner’s art.

Deshaun Brown, a junior at Hershey High School, attended Griner’s art exhibition with his art teacher.

Brown said, “My art teacher wanted me to know how an art exhibition works.”

Facilities Manager Daniela Owens oversees the center’s websites and publications.

Owens said, “I am always happy to get the word out to the community if there is a function at the center, it is great when folks come out.”