Dining services affected by water pipe


Paige Champagne

close up of sign posted on restroom door in Clark Student Center

Due to a broken main water pipe, most dining areas in the Clark Student Center closed early at 2 p.m. on Dec. 11. The Mesquite Dining Hall is open during its regular hours, and will only be serving meals that don’t require water to prepare.

All restrooms in the student center will be closed, and students are being advised to use the restrooms in the library or in the Protho-Yeager building.

Michaela Govea, nursing sophomore found out from a friend that the dining places closed early. “If Chloe wouldn’t have ever told us, we wouldn’t have known to come to eat earlier than 2:00 p.m. then we would’ve been starving, I have no food.”

Elizabeth Effiong, nursing freshman had a refreshing point of view, but was still bothered that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy hot food during a stressful time such as finals.  “I mean, I’m grateful that I can actually eat, but hey its finals week and everybody wants to eat good and everybody’s stressed out, you know?” said Effiong ” I feel like its messed up and the school gets enough money to pay for things. Nothing is perfect, but they can do better by us”

Ace Elliott, business management senior was studying and planned on taking a quick break for a snack, just before finding out she couldn’t get food from anywhere but the dining hall or couldn’t use CSC restrooms either. “We can’t use the restrooms too?! This is all such an inconvenience and right before finals! ” Elliot said.

In the midst of students finding out about the limited dining options, a fire alarm went off.

Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Matthew Parks said the alarm wasn’t a drill. ” It was a legitimate fire alarm due to smoke in the kitchen” Parks said. ” A busted water pipe disrupted water service to the building and yes the water is back running, but I couldn’t tell you when those places will be back open because I’m not sure.”

Emily Rodriguez, nursing sophomore said “I don’t know, this is very weird, it was my first time experiencing this happening. I was frustrated because I can’t afford food so this is my only option. Yeah [I was here when the fire alarm went off] We had to take our food outside that was not okay because I wanted to enjoy my food. There were actually very rude when telling us to go outside.”

In a campus-wide email received at 3:55 p.m. we were informed that the water service was restored.