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Mariachi band to hold meeting to gather members

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To gather potential members for a mariachi band, mechanical engineering freshman Kevin Muñoz will be holding a meeting in Apache in the Clark Student Center Dec. 3 at 5 p.m.

“We’re still hoping that there are people interested,” Muñoz said.

Muñoz said his interest in mariachi has carried over into his college life from high school and his hometown where he is still involved in mariachi.

“I just wanted to keep doing music even though I’m majoring in mechanical engineering and not anything music,” Muñoz said.

Muñoz said he also hopes to take the mariachi band to competitions at some point.

“There are a lot of competitions in the state and I would eventually like to take the mariachi to,” Muñoz said, “Maybe not necessarily compete, but at least to showcase, just to show off that MSU has a mariachi.”

The mariachi band’s adviser is Mario Ramirez, the interim director of student involvement.

“A while back, for Hispanic heritage month, they hired a mariachi and [Ramirez] actually started talking to the people from the mariachi,” Muñoz said. “My sister actually played for that mariachi and my sister mentioned to him that I played for a mariachi and I also wanted to start one. He told them that he could probably sponsor me because he said that he used to be in a mariachi back when he was in high school and he said he also played guitar so I thought that he would have been a good match to sponsor me.”

Muñoz, who plays the vihuela and guitar, said he likes listening to the ensemble of instruments together in a mariachi.

“It’s just fun to listen to all the instruments together,” Muñoz said. “I can play my instrument by myself but it just won’t be the same without other people.”

Muñoz said Friday he had yet to be contacted by any potential members, but they are looking for people that play the guitar, vihuela, guitarron, harp, trumpet, flute or violin. He said, in the event anyone shows up, the meeting will be about who will play certain instruments or deciding on dates for rehearsal.

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Mariachi band to hold meeting to gather members