Go to the EURECA research forum


Arianna Davis

Chiara Del Vecchio, chemistry junior, presents with partner Dorcas Matuwana, biology senior, on identification of antibiotic activity during EURECA on April 27, 2017. Photo by Arianna Davis

Our View: The Wichitan staff believes that viewing other students research is an opportunity to have fun while learning and maybe it can inspire you to try doing a research project.

Ever discover something new or have a EUREKA moment? Undergraduate students do not get a lot of opportunities to do large research projects but the EURECA (enhancing undergraduate research endeavors & creative activities) and UGROWN (UnderGraduate Research Opportunities and summer Workshop) research programs let students come up with their own inventions or discoverys. They then get to display the research for their peers to see. During the forum you get the chance to speak to students and faculty that you may not usually get to.

This is a very rewarding program for undergraduate students, we believe it is a good way for students who did not participate to see what their peers are working on. If you go to the forum you can have fun viewing the different projects and learn from your peers. The forum gives students the chance to talk about controversial topics while engaging in healthy debates and conversation. It could also inspire you to partake in your own research. Another good reason to attend is you could find good research material and sources for your own projects or research through your peers. It can also provide examples for future research projects.

This is one of the few events on campus held by the students for the students.