UPB craft brings holiday spirit to campus


Dallas Wabbington, English sophomore,Kayleigh Stone, political science sophomore, Lorenzo Paredes, biology freshmen, Taylor Mash, chemistry sophomore sit at a table together while decorating their snow globes.

To kick off the holiday season, members of the University Programming Board held an event to make snow globes that brought more than 60 students out of their rooms and into Clark Student Center Atrium.

Angelica Symonette, UPB low-budget, no-budget co-chair, said, “The University Programming Board does a lot of the fun, free events on campus. We like to do events to get students out of their rooms so they can enjoy MSU.”

The event took place Nov. 12 at 1 p.m., in the middle of the day and right after lunch, was what attendees said was a good time to get students active on campus.

Alexis Osborne, nursing sophomore, said, “Events like this one get students out of their rooms. I know a lot of students that are homebodies and feel like their is nothing to do in Wichita Falls, but there are always events going on all over campus.”

Because all of the events that the UPB creates are free to students it was a good opportunity to get rid of boredom.

Symonette said, “If students came to our events, they might not feel so bored, and they will get the chance to meet people. They could even see the same set of people at the events and become good friends.”

Students saw the event when walking to class or lunch and decided to stop in and join.

Osborne said, “I came to the event because it seemed like it would be really fun. I got out of class just before it started, so it the timing was perfect. It seemed like a cute idea, and I have been wanting to make a snow globe anyways.”

The supplies for the event included Mason jars, figurines, glitter and water.

“I liked trying to figure out what worked best with my idea for a snow globe, and the cute figurines made it even better,” Osborne said.

The event was so popular that they ran low on supplies after the first 30 minutes.

“I was not expecting this many people to come to the event. We bought enough supplies for 50 people, but we almost ran out not even half way through the event,” Symonette said.

Members of the UPB scheduled the event to end at 3 p.m., but after the large amount of participation, it ended when supplies ran out.

Osborne said, “The event could have supplied more figurines, but I don’t think they expected this many students to come out and participate. Overall, the event was still really fun though.”

ShaDera Williams, athletic training junior, said she had planned on coming to the event all morning.

“When you come to events like these, you get to engage with other students and express your creativity. I was looking forward to this event, so being here really made my day,” Williams said.


Shantazia Cooper, psychology and criminal justice sophomore, said, “I enjoyed making the snow globe and playing in the glitter.”

ShaDera Williams, athletic training junior, said, “I really enjoyed hanging out with my friend, and I had a lot of fun decorating my snow globe.”

Alexis Perez, nursing senior, said, “The event helps students socialize and maybe meet students that they normally wouldn’t get the chance to meet.”

Elizabeth Barcenas Mejia, said, “It’s important to get involved in events like these because it’s a chance to meet people and crafting can be therapeutic.”

Alexis Osborne, nursing sophomore, said, “The glitter was fun to play with and the figurines were so cute.”