School spirit editorial

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Our View: While there will always be events that are more popular than others, we feel there should be more school spirit during homecoming.

From the Torchlight Parade to the Saturday night football game, homecoming is a time for students, alumni, and their families to take part in the traditions, celebrate school pride and enjoy the activities. This is also a time for families to visit and for alumni to reunite with their graduating class; at least it should be.

Events such as the bonfire, Mustangs Madness and Lipsync are popular with students, and The Texas Fair, a new homecoming event made for this year’s theme, ‘Texas sized homecoming’ was also well received. However, the Wichitan staff believe there is still room to grow in the school spirit department.

Even students that did attend the homecoming events weren’t “hyped”. As we covered each homecoming event we noticed low attendance rates at some and large attendance at others, but very little reaction from the attendees. We believe that homecoming is a time to show your school pride and act outlandish with no shame; that is what homecoming is about.

Campus organizations are reaching out in efforts to provide a better homecoming experience for students and in the process create school spirit. We believe the overall campus attitude has to change in regards to attending events before any progress will be made in creating spirit, but that depends on the students.

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