Our nation is not properly ruled

Our nation was built upon the basis of the simple freedoms of life, the most notable are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, these three ideologies of what this country was built on contradict each other differing from the roots of how individuals live their independent lives. To put it plainly, unless a person is absolutely perfect they cannot live within absolute peace of one another. Based upon Bible doctrine, we know it to be an absolute truth that no person can be absolutely perfect because of how we are wired. Politics are necessary in the modern day world because we can’t practice perfection correctly, and a political system was formed to prevent us from spiraling downwards into chaos, however, God intended for nations to be ruled by people of his choice, not by the people’s choice.

To further explain what I’m trying to convey, in the book of 1 Samuel in the Bible, the leaders of Israel were called judges. These men were called upon by God to pray, and through God’s sovereign leadership he would run the nation through these faulted men who were equipped to make perfect decisions through his word. However, the people of Israel became disobedient and called upon the last remaining judge, Samuel, to do away with the system of judges and find a king to rule. The people of Israel were greedy and wanted a king instead of what God wanted for them. Samuel warned the people of Israel what would happen if they were to disobey him — they would find their country divided and ruled by foreign rulers — but they refused to listen. Many kings ruled Israel, but none ruled the nation as well as the judges had and eventually Israel became divided and fell into the hands of foreign rulers.

God never wanted for leadership to be isolated to mankind and mankind alone. James Madison, a prominent figure in the early setting up of our country and one of our presidents, said, “If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” Madison is trying to relay that no problems would exist if men had no problems, but because we have faulted leaders we will have faulted leadership. Because of this faulted leadership we have seen this world go to war within its own countries, famine and droughts being left uncontrolled by countries of strength that can afford to help, even though they refuse to. Politics do in fact keep countries from imploding on themselves by ruling with a firm and unequal hand, but it’s at the sacrifice of many great freedoms that were offered by the hand of God. Politics are the greatest necessary evil this world has ever seen.