Flyer causes commotion on campus

Jaylon Williams was on her way to class Oct 15. when she found a flyer posted on the “must turn right” sign located in front of Sundance apartments. The flyer was not approved to be posted on campus and has since been taken down.

“Prior to this incident, we told administration and MSU police about previous flyers being posted and we were told that nothing could be done because they were posted anonymously,” Jaylon Williams, sociology senior, said. “This is understandable, but I believe it is their responsibility to address that this has been happening. A public condemnation of the propaganda would be a start to at least show the student body that they know it’s an issue and that they are taking steps to address it.”

The school did not release a public statement about the incident. It simply tweeted that it had fixed the situation after a student quote tweeted Williams’s post.

Midwestern replied to the tweet: “They have been taken down. Please let us know if you see them again.”

“The flyer made me feel uncomfortable, I didn’t think people here felt that way. I’ve never experienced anything like that,” Mariela Portugal, social work sophomore, said.

Multiple students felt the same way Portugal felt, students on Twitter have been tweeting about the flyer and voicing their opinions. One student stated that she tore one of the flyers down and threw it away. Students feel the school hasn’t done enough about the flyer.

“I shared it on Twitter because these past few years this has been happening and MSU administration has failed to address it,” Williams said. “Quit being silent about it and trying to handle it in secret, especially because these people are bold enough to put these flyers in high traffic areas.”

Although the university has policies in place to prevent harmful third-party materials from being posted, these occurrences seem to continue.

“This is a repeated action from last year when these posters went up,” Ehlert said. “We want to avoid this from happening in the future so, we want to see what we all can do as a university to not let it happen again.”

Additional Reporting by Christopher Castillo

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