Flag football playoffs kickoff Oct. 4

Demian Ponce, Reporter

Intramural flag football playoffs start Oct. 4. All teams from both women’s and men’s division have a spot in playoffs, the games to be held at the recreational/athletic field north.

“All teams are eligible to make playoffs as long as they have a good enough sportsmanship rating,” Michael Richardson, assistant director of recreational sports and wellness center, said.

The sportsmanship ratings are based on the player’s language and actions, if players use offensive or vulgar language the individual’s ratings will drop. Officials take ratings after each game. The rating scale ranges from a 0-4, the players must have a rating of a 2.0 to play in the playoffs.

“The champions of the league will win a tshirt and bragging rights around campus. They are also eligible to travel and play at the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association regional flag football championship” Richardson said.

NIRSA is an organization which regulates in various sports through the collegiate systems across the United States. The organization serves students who play at the university varsity or club level in athletic sports, but do not participate in the NCAA or the NAIA.

“It’s going to be tough to compete against the other teams, but we are going out there to win” Christian Hernandez, chemistry sophomore said.

The single elimination bracket can make competing in the playoffs challenging. The number of team brackets depends on the wins and losses. There are six women’s teams and 14 men’s teams.

“It was my first year playing and it was fun but a lot more serious than I thought it would be.” Camree Jones, mathmatics sophomore said.

This years regular season had 35 games which allowed all the teams to play a game every week, for both the women’s and men’s league. The schedule for the playoffs will be posted today and can be found on the IMLeagues website. However, only the  Men’s League schedule has been posted.