Counseling Center holds card creating party – for six

Yerasly Duran, Reporter

As a way for students to have fun, the Counseling Center staff hosted a card creating party in the Legacy Multipurpose Room on Sept. 14.

“People like to have fun on the weekends and they’ve worked really hard in their classes during the week and have done studying and need a way to just relax and have fun. Often times people like to be creative and that’s fun to them,” Pam Midgett said, Counseling Center director. “It is fun to make something for yourself and be proud of.

The one hour event held from 9 p.m. to 10 p.m. had originally been in the Comanche Suites located in the Clark Student Center but was later moved to the Legacy Multipurpose Room. Staff members said they spent $9 on supplies because the Counseling Center had previous supplies that were being reused for this event.

“We keep supplies like this because a lot of times people can use art and creating things to kind of help them express how they feel or might help them relax. So we try to keep art supplies on hand in the office for students to use in therapy sessions,” Midgett said.

At the card creating party Midgett said they expected 50 people to attend. Students were able to create cards and send them to a loved one or keep them to themselves. The Counseling Center even paid to mail one card for each of the six attendees.

“I’ve been thinking about writing to my brother for a while and it just seemed like something fun to do, to collaborate, with people,” Madison Vanarsdale said, economics senior, who heard about this event through the student postmaster email. “I love [these events], it is a really good idea and gets me out of my dorm so I’m happy. I like crafty events because it calms me.”

Midgett said a similar card making event was held three to four years ago but it was for World Kindness Day.

“I like crafty stuff and I just wanted to write to my family,” said Landry Raesz, nursing freshman, who heard about the event through the student postmaster email. “It gets me out of my room to actually go do [crafts]. I’m kind of a dork for crafts.”

This was Raesz and Vanarsdale first crafting event they’ve attended.

“This event is fun and it’s a way to get in touch with your family,” said Raesz